Stichting Euregio University College ist neben seinen eigenen Kernaktivitäten der internationalen Lehre auf akademischem Niveau verpflichtet. Dafür hat es sein eigenes, global aktives Hochschulinstitut, die Euregio Management School gegründet.

Für unsere internationalen Besucher dazu folgende Informationen:

Euregio Management School is an Institution of Higher Education, which globally supports the delivery of knowledge through inclusion and equality.

Higher Education of European standards through modern sciences, which is globally available and future-oriented, which adopts holistic and cross-disciplinary approaches for a permanently changing world, which destroys old, but also creates new markets and industries.

Higher Education being only committed to knowledge and has no other purpose than educating those, who want to contribute to developments and sustainable management through it.

Higher Education for those acknowledging that organisations are made of human beings and serve economy and society equally. This results in accepting a personal and organisational orientation for ethical conduct, social responsibility and concern for sustainability and environmental challenges.

Higher Education, which delivers values. Values, which can positively change organisational behaviour and this way, contribute to societal progress and development.

Higher Education that makes a difference through graduates, who are enabled and inspired to globally use the knowledge gained through their studies for contributions to make change happen for the better.